Neil Sturomski

Welcome to the website of Neil Sturomski — author, teacher, speaker, educator and volunteer.

Neil Sturomski is the former Director of the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities Center, a Center established by the National Institute for Literacy. He has over thirty-five years of experience related to education, adult education, and individuals with learning disabilities and other special learning needs.

He is the founder of Sturomski & Associates, an organization dedicated to supporting educators and literacy providers in improving the lives of their students, and the author of the novel SƆRAMBLƎD.


Commision on Adult Basic Education

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by Neil Sturomski

SƆRAMBLƎD exemplifies the struggles faced by many individuals with learning disabilities.

Its main character – Matt Walsh – is a twenty-something adult whose learning disability is the root cause of persistent angst, frustration and turmoil as he tries desperately to achieve, to succeed both in his career – and in his personal life.

The novel attempts to describe Matt’s inner-most thoughts as he works to better himself and overcome his skill deficits. His anxiety – and life’s common distractions - often get the better of him as he strives to move up the ladder toward career security.

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